Best Sinus Pain Relief Solution 2021: ClearUP

Best Sinus Pain Relief Solution 2021: ClearUP

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Tivic Health is a leader in non-invasive healthcare products. Working hard to research and develop new, bioelectronic products that are available over the counter and put their own care back in the hands of the patient, its clinically tested ClearUP solution is helping clients to clear up inflamed and painful sinuses. The first of many innovations yet to come, this product has grown in popularity amongst its market segment since it was first introduced, putting Tivic Health on a track to further growth that it forecasts will only continue to go up in the future.

In an industry that is under immense pressure due to the pandemic, new innovations for health and wellbeing are being funnelled down the pipeline on a daily basis. Therefore, in order to stand out from the crowd, a product must be exemplary, and Tivic Health is a company succeeding in creating such things with its commercial stage bioelectronic medicines. Committed to advancing the field of bioelectronics in order to treat disease, enhance wellness, and improve lives, it is focused on developing consumer devices that treat disease and conditions by modulating electrical signals carried along the body’s various nerve pathways.

All in all, McKinsey and Company describes bioelectric medicines as the next big thing. This, in essence, is something Tivic Health agrees with, funnelling significant effort into the research and creation of new healthcare solutions that show patients the difference such products can make in their lives, with the potential to aid with the symptoms of Alzheimer’s syndrome, essential tremors, migraines, sinus pains, Crohn’s disease, and rheumatoid arthritis. Its first ever FDA cleared product, ClearUP, has made waves in this way as a sinus pain relief solution that comes in a patented handheld device, being both easy to use and effective; it produces ultra-low-level electron waves to aid the patient in relieving congestion, thus alleviating the pain associated with inflammation of the sinuses.

Therefore, it has gained significant notoriety for its products targeting inflammatory conditions. Working to focus on tapping into the bodily nerve system with its own lowlevel frequency, it underwent significant clinical testing before release, with 74% of patients citing sinus pain reduction for up to 6 hours and 82% of patients preferring ClearUP to their regular sinus care routine. Since its launch in 2019, it has received 5 patents with 18 pending for interface and features, as well as a CE Mark for temporary relief of sinus pain and continuing with its plans of global expansion and further technological sophistication, working hard on its over-the-counter medical devices that put care back in the hands of a patient.

Additionally, thanks to the pandemic, this market for at home care is at an all-time-high, meaning that Tivic Health has been busier than ever providing ClearUP to its customers, working hard out of its Silicon Valley HQ to bring its solutions to a wider market segment by the day. Nimble, fast growing, and hardworking, this team of scientifically curious individuals promise that Tivic Health is only at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to these sorts of developments and products, excited to see where this takes it next as it continues to promote the use of bioelectronic products, hoping to see this field grow out of infancy and into worldwide notoriety.

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