Best Tech Unveiled at This Year’s CES Tech Show

Best tech unveiled at this year’s CES tech show


CES 2020 has come and gone, but the gadgets that debuted will stick with us for years to come. Whether they’re in the same exact package or wrapped up under a different brand name and enclosure, the beauty of new technology is how adaptable it can be in our daily lives.

That said, not everything at CES this year was stellar or innovative. As the world’s biggest electronics tradeshow, there’s always enough space for weird gadgets and oddball tech that someone thought would be a good idea. Tap or click here for our favorite hits and misses at the convention.

But this year, in particular, was a rather spectacular edition of CES. Some of the biggest names in tech announced products that would never have been possible just a few short years ago.

That’s why we’ve picked our favorite innovations from CES, as well as the gadget voted “Best in show.” You won’t believe what these products are capable of.

[ClearUP section only]:

Best in show of 2020: ClearUP is ‘The Last Gadget Standing’

Every year, a council of participants and CES attendees vote on which piece of tech is the best of the year. This year marks the 20th anniversary of this ceremony, and the winner this time around is an innovative medical device that can cure sinus headaches without any medicine whatsoever!

The ClearUP device from Tivic Health uses painless electrical impulses to affect the nerves surrounding the sinus cavities in your face. This can reduce pain and inflammation symptoms, and studies have shown 74% of users experience relief after a single treatment. I know what I want for Christmas this year!

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