CES 2020 Trend: Tech for Personalized Health Care

CES 2020 Trend: Tech for Personalized Health Care

source: Consumer Technology Association

CES is the best place to discover new digital health products and trends, and this year the trend was all about personalized health.

From teeth to your DNA, CES exhibitors showed solutions leveraging your own data to make you healthier.  Here are a few game-changers I noticed at CES 2020.

Personalized Solutions for Chronic Conditions

Whether it’s hypertension, atrial fibrillation or diabetes, there was a device and an app for that at CES.

Companies like Omron showed off smart blood pressure monitors that have built in EKG technology, and Withings showed its new watch that also has EKG monitoring and can help detect sleep apnea.

Abbott’s Freestyle Libre continuous glucose monitoring device provides an innovative alternative to traditional glucose testing by continuously reading blood glucose levels, eliminating the finger prick and providing comfort and ease to those suffering with diabetes.

Digital Therapeutics

I have long been a fan of technology that eliminates the need for pharmaceuticals, and there were several solutions that do just that at CES 2020.

The Pivot device for smoking cessation leverages the power of behavior change to quit smoking.

Ebb Therapeutics’ PrecisionCool headband helps naturally lower the body temperature to promote the natural onset of sleep.

Tivic Health’s ClearUp provides a non-invasive, drug-free treatment option for sinus pain.

Oral Care

We know that oral care is critical to overall health and wellness. My friend and author Jane Sarasohn Kahn recently wrote a great article called “The Internet of Teeth” focusing on the many solutions at CES for improved mouth care.

I personally enjoyed seeing both the Philips DiamondClean Smart and Oral-B iO smart toothbrushes that create a data-generated dental experience for users.

My kids won’t enjoy getting busted for not brushing long enough by their toothbrush, but I sure will!

Personalized Nutrition

Perhaps my favorite category of digital health technology right now is personalized nutrition. There is no better guide to your health than your own DNA.

I loved seeing DnaNudge’s product at CES that provides personalized nutrition and shopping recommendations based on your DNA. Talk about taking personalized health and wellness to the next level.

What trends in health care will we see at CES 2021? I can’t wait to find out.