Healthcare Innovations Make Time 100 Best Inventions 2019

Healthcare innovations make Time 100 best inventions 2019

Source: HealthExec
November 26, 2019

Time named 100 of the best inventions in 2019, with several healthcare innovations making the list.

Here are the healthcare companies and their inventions that made the 2019 cut:

Surgical Safety Technologies––OR Black Box that records audio, video, patient vital signs, feedback from electronic surgical instruments and more and can be analyzed by hospitals or use it as a teaching tool.

Qlarity Imaging––QuantX is an FDA-approved system that backstops radiologists with AI-enabled software to better diagnose breast cancer.

Theranica––Nerivio, a medical device worn on the upper arm, aims to tamp down the pain of migraines.

Tivic Health––ClearUp is an FDA-approved device that provides a microcurrent of electricity to calm nerves around the eyes that are connected to sinuses and can be aggravated by allergies and infections.

Butterfly––iQ is a small ultrasound that is portable and can be plugged into a medial professional’s phone.

GE Healthcare––Senographe Pristina with Dueta lets patients compress a mammogram machine themselves using a wireless remote to improve their breast screening exam and reduce pain.

PathSpot­­––PathSpot uses a light-based algorithm to scan hands for harmful contamination and can help prevent the spread of diseases at places like restaurants.

Diligent Robotics––Moxi is a hospital robot that completes tasks independently and can relive nurses of certain duties.

TytoHome––TytoHome, a handheld device that measures patient vitals at homes. It can also examine lungs, ears, skin and throats with adapters, as well as videoconference with a doctor to monitor metrics in real time.

Akara Robotics––Stevie, a social assistive robot designed for care homes to keep elderly people company.

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