Tivic Health CEO Jennifer Ernst Wins Inc. Magazine’s Female Founder 100 Award

Jennifer Ernst – Tivic Health: For devising a better solution to a common health problem

source: Inc.com

“Jennifer Ernst founded Tivic Health in 2016, with the bioelectronic health company’s first product, ClearUP: a sinus pain and congestion treatment that took three years to develop. The Food and Drug Administration-approved device uses microcurrent therapy to relieve sinus pain. Working to solve a health problem that has had very little innovation for almost a century, Ernst says she felt a responsibility to put the product on the market. “There are just too many people who can benefit from this; it is too big of a problem,” says Ernst, who notes that 20,000 people have already used the treatment.

She owes a lot of that early success to Covid-19. Despite Tivic Health’s struggle to navigate the global chip shortage and electronic supply parts scarcity, people’s newly realized need for at-home medical solutions has been a boon for the company. “I have been really pleased about being there for people needing to figure out their own health solutions,” says Ernst.–Alicia Doniger”

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