This Sinus Pain Relief Eases Your Allergies

This sinus pain relief device eases your allergies

If you suffer from seasonal allergies or year-round allergic rhinitis, you appreciate anything that can relieve pain in your sinuses. Most of the year, you rely on prescription strength nose sprays and uncomfortable nose washes to get by. While these remedies help in the short term, you wish there were a longer-lasting way you could ease your sinus pain.

With seasonal allergies, you suffer every time the season changes. So when the trees flower at the end of March, all you can think about is your runny nose and the pain in your sinuses, not nature’s beauty. You dig out your arsenal of antihistamines and nasal sprays, ready to combat the pollen. Likewise, if you have chronic rhinitis, you live this situation year-round. But wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to relieve your nasal congestion and sinus pain without medication so that you could enjoy the air outdoors? The ClearUP sinus pain relief device can help.

The ClearUP is quick and easy-to-use

Allergies need daily maintenance. Most sufferers of seasonal and chronic allergies follow a regimen of pills and treatments a few times a day, every day. This is a hassle. You’d love it if you didn’t have to waste so much time taking care of your allergies. This sinus pain relief device, however, is easy-to-use and doesn’t require much of a time commitment. Simply glide the ClearUP over your cheeks, nose, and brow bone for five minutes, two times a day for two weeks. The gentle waves the device emits on sinus points will ease pain from your allergies for up to six hours, letting you enjoy nature.

This device gives you effective relief

ClearUP is an allergy relief solution you can use for years. You can use it pretty much whenever your symptoms arise. So unlike pills, you won’t have to wait all day until you can get another bought of relief. Additionally, two clinical studies show that sinus sufferers had significant improvement in sinus pain after using ClearUP. The study found that 72% of patients got relief after using the device. Also, 82% of people participating in the study preferred ClearUP to other remedies. So if you’re sick of trying every antihistamine, nasal spray, and nose wash out there with no results, ClearUP can finally alleviate your symptoms long-term.

Relieve allergy symptoms without medication

Also, if you have allergies, you probably take medications multiple times throughout the year or even year-round to control them. But no one likes taking pills or other chemicals all the time. It gets expensive, and you’re continually running to the pharmacy to fill a new prescription or buy over-the-counter products. However, this sinus pain relief device uses no chemicals. It locates areas of the skin where gentle microcurrent waveforms can easily pass through the underlying nerve fibers. When you glide the ClearUP over these areas, the waves will provide relief. It’s a natural remedy that lasts.

An allergy treatment that’s no-prep and easy to clean

Another hassle the ClearUP eliminates is cleanup time. To prepare nasal rinses and washes, you have to sterilize bottles, boil water, and cool it to the right temperature. Then you have to make a solution with a sachet of salts. This is yet another time commitment, another regimen that keeps you from doing the things you enjoy. The ClearUP sinus pain relief device, however, requires no complicated preparation since it’s a device that you use externally. After treatment, all you need to do is wipe it with a little alcohol, and you’ll be ready for the next time. Also, unlike the rinses, you won’t have to run to the pharmacy to buy more sachets when you run out. Once you buy a ClearUP, you’re good to go.

A remedy with FDA approval

Finally, no one likes buying a medical product based on the company’s claims alone. With the ClearUP, you won’t have to. It’s FDA approved as a Class II device with clearance for over-the-counter purchase. This means the FDA has determined that the ClearUP is safe for over-the-counter use. So you’ll feel confident using this sinus pain relief device since you know it has the right certifications for a product in its class. This also means that it’s safe to buy without a doctor’s prescription. It’s an easy, informed purchase to make.

What we love about the ClearUP

We love this sinus pain relief device because it eases pain for allergy sufferers. People who have seasonal and chronic allergies experience severe discomfort from their symptoms and often can’t find any relief, even from pills or Rx treatments. This device is a remedy that provides longterm relief.

What we would love to see

Currently, ClearUP is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery that uses a USB-C charger. However, for a device that most people will probably use in their bathrooms, it would be nice to see wireless charging in future versions.

Where can you buy ClearUp?

ClearUP costs $149. You can buy it from the official website.