The Top 100 Healthcare Technology Companies of 2021

The Top 100 Healthcare Technology Companies of 2021

source: The Healthcare Technology Report

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The Healthcare Technology Report is pleased to announce The Top 100 Healthcare Technology Companies of 2021. This year’s awardees comprise a broad range of companies from well-known names like Johnson & Johnson, 3M Health Care, and Illumina to relatively newer but rapidly growing enterprises such as GRAIL, Capsule, and DNA Script. The diverse range of sophisticated products and services offered through these companies — from digital pharmacies to holistic patient care and AI-powered robotics to digital healthcare payments — have not only led to the modernization of the healthcare sector but also to a brighter future where healthcare is democratized for all.

Advancements in healthcare, whether through data and communications, research and clinical trials, medical devices or consumer offerings, have also helped to create an environment where more promising care alternatives are possible.  The pioneering companies selected for this year’s list have one thing in common: they are revolutionizing the way we live, and the way we navigate one of the most important factors for us all: our health. The following awardees were nominated and selected based on a thorough evaluation process. Among the key criteria considered were product or service quality, customer adoption, management team caliber, organizational effectiveness, and company growth among other factors.

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90. Tivic Health

Category: Consumer HealthTech

Founded in 2016 and based in Silicon Valley, Tivic Health is a commercial phase bioelectronic health company that develops microcurrent devices to treat chronic diseases. The company’s first product, ClearUP, is the only FDA cleared device that uses microcurrent to relieve sinus pain and congestion.

Earlier this year, the FDA expanded the use of ClearUP which created an area of technology never previously granted by the FDA: the use of microcurrent for congestion relief. TivicHealth’s mission is to provide individuals suffering from chronic conditions new ways to improve their quality of life through the use of non-pharmaceutical, bioelectronic solutions. The company’s non-invasive approach to bioelectronic medicine allows for faster innovation, accelerated time to market, improved safety profiles and broader market penetration.

Looking toward the future, Tivic Health believes its microcurrent bio-electronic technology can be applied to address other conditions with large patient populations and unmet treatment needs. ClearUP is available online at Amazon, Best Buy, FSA/HSA stores, QVC, Sharper Image, Walgreens and Walmart and has received numerous awards.

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