Top 10 innovations that can change the way we live

January 2, 2020

Top 10 innovations that can change the way we live

source: The Daily Star

January 1, 2020

Over the years, technology has transformed the world and changed the way we entertain ourselves, communicate with others, stay healthy, and ensure safety and mobility.

Here are the top ten innovations, the blessing of modern technology, in 2019 that can make the world better and smarter, and change the way of the human lives in 2020.  [Here is the ClearUP section]:

ClearUP: Relieving sinus pain

Nearly 30 million people suffer from sinus pain, without satisfactory treatments. This is a clinically-proven five-minute treatment of sinusitis.

ClearUP emits a microcurrent of electricity from its penlike tip, which users glide around the eye for about five minutes a day to calm nerves connected to the sinuses that can be aggravated by allergies and infections.

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