Consumer Electronic Show 2020 (CES) starts with a bang!

Consumer Electronic Show 2020 (CES) starts with a bang!

Awards at CES

Tivic Health is headed to CES 2020!  We will exhibit at CES Eureka Park, along with fellow CES Innovation Award honorees.  Tivic Health’s ClearUP® Sinus Pain Relief is also a finalist in the prestigious Last Gadget Standing CES Award (please vote for us again!).

Speaking at CES

In addition, Tivic Health CEO Jennifer Ernst will give a presentation at the CES Digital Health Summit on A New Wave of Electric Medicine: No Rx Required. She will examine how bioelectronic medicine is harnessing the electrical properties of human physiology and how state-of-the-art, non-invasive treatments are producing massive therapeutic benefits.

“The human body is an electrochemical system. For decades, medicine has focused on the chemistry part of the equation. Now we are seeing many companies developing ways to intervene on the electrical side.  Tivic Health is proud to be on the forefront of bringing bioelectronic medicine to the mainstream with accessible and affordable over-the-counter products,” said Jennifer Ernst, CEO of Tivic Health.

CES press events

We are also participating in the Unveiled press event on January 5th, and a satellite media tour later in the week with reporter Andrea Smith.

Announcing more ClearUP benefits in Bioelectronic Medicine Publication

ClearUP is the first bioelectronic solution for sinus pain cleared by the FDA. According to McKinsey & Associates, Bioelectronic Medicine “has the potential to become a pillar of medical treatment and play a key role in the future of medtech innovation.” Read Tivic Health’s new paper in Bioelectronic Medicine which reveals results of a four-week clinical study demonstrating 43% reduction in sinus symptom severity after using ClearUP regularly.