Navigating the Holidays with Covid, Flu Season, and Allergies

Navigating the Holidays with Covid, Flu Season, and Allergies

Holiday gatherings are returning to normal as the U.S. adapts to living with Covid and prevention tools have become more readily available to reduce the risk of severe illness for many people.

But as temperatures drop during the holiday season and we spend more time in crowded spaces and close-contact settings indoors, viral infections from the common cold, flu, and Covid-19 are still more likely to spread easily.

As prominently reported in the media, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) cases are also on the rise across the U.S., causing cold-like symptoms in adults, and wheezing, bronchitis, and pneumonia in many children.

According to Dr. Alan Goldsobel of Allergy and Asthma Associates of Northern California, and a Tivic Health medical advisory board member, “The current increase in RSV infections is a type of ‘rebound’ as most respiratory viruses (besides Covid) were greatly diminished in the last two years due to masking, social distancing, remote work, and schooling.

“And with the flu season predicted to be more severe this year, ongoing precautions should still be taken. Flu and Covid vaccinations are vitally important, especially in high-risk populations,” continued Goldsobel.

“For allergy sufferers, extra measures should be taken, particularly when traveling for the holidays. When traveling to see family and friends, there is more exposure to pets, wood-burning fireplaces, scented candles or potpourri, that are irritants and can lead to increased upper respiratory tract symptoms,” added Goldsobel.

What are some tips and strategies to stay safe, healthy, and enjoy the holidays?

Dr. Goldsobel adds, “To manage cold or allergy symptoms, rinsing or flushing the nose and sinuses with salt water can be very soothing and decongesting.  And I recommend the ClearUP device as extremely helpful for sinus pain, pressure, and nasal congestion. It’s non-invasive, 100% drug-free, and delivers targeted treatment with real-time results.”

Don’t forget to take some simple precautions that can help ensure a healthy holiday season for you and your family. Safe travels!


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