What’s triggering your spring allergies?

What’s triggering your spring allergies?

Spring is in the air and so is pollen. Several states including California, Arizona, Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, and South Carolina, have the highest pollen counts, making it potentially miserable for allergy sufferers.

Dr. Alan Goldsobel, an allergist and immunology specialist based in San Jose, California, stated “Where you live impacts the start and end of allergy season, and the severity of your symptoms.

Common symptoms include itchy, watery eyes, sneezing, scratchy throat, dark circles under the eyes and nasal and sinus congestion.  Less common symptoms include facial pain, sinus headache, earache, or loss of smell.”

Here are some key triggers by region:

  • From New Mexico through California and Washington, common Juniper and Rocky Mountain Juniper are notoriously severe allergens, followed by willow, ash, oak and maple.
  • Southern California residents are hit with allergens from as far away as Nevada and Arizona, due to Santa Ana wind conditions.
  • In North Texas, pollen from oaks, pecans, or ash trees are the worst offenders, and in other parts of the state, Bermuda, Johnson, and Rye grasses pollinate from spring through October.
  • Florida’s mild weather makes plants pollinate 12 months in a year – making it a perennial pollen state. According to Jacquelynne Corey, physician at Chicago Nasal and Sinus Center, “plants that are wind-pollinated  are the worst  on allergy sufferers. I’ve travelled to Florida regularly over the years and have experienced the thick film of pollen on my car firsthand.”
  • In Louisiana, elms, Bradford pears, and especially oak trees are the worst offenders.
  • When South Carolina’s weather goes from extreme cold to warm quickly, pollen from oak and bayberry trees in particular, hit hard.

Here are some drug-free tips to prevent and fight allergy symptoms:

  • Monitor local pollen counts.
  • Keep windows closed and use central air conditioning with air filtration.
  • Add drug-free, quick and convenient ClearUP® Sinus Pain Relief to your regimen. This handy device is FDA approved and clinically proven so it’s safe and effective. A single treatment takes only 5 minutes! When used twice a day for four weeks, sinus pain was reduced by 43%.
  • Use a certified allergy-friendly air cleaner.
  • Wash clothes worn during outside activities and take a shower before bed.
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