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Frustrated with Sinus Pain Flare-Ups?

Meet ClearUP, the ONLY Drug-Free treatment that clears up allergy-related sinus pain and congestion.

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No pills, no sprays, no drugs.  Use whenever, wherever you need. Improve results with daily use.  ClearUP is a modern, clinically proven way to clear congestion and stop sinus pain.


Dual Symptom Relief

Reduces and relieves sinus pain and congestion

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Physicians recommend ClearUP


Dr. Alan Goldsobel, Allergist

“It’s very exciting to have this whole new form of treatment using extremely safe neuromodulation as a way to address the needs of the patient.”


Dr. Subinoy Das, ENT
Chief Medical Officer, Tivic Health

“This is potentially game changing…I’m very excited to use this device on my patients.”

Trusted by Real Allergy Sufferers


So easy to use

It's golden! I use it in the morning and before going out. I want to be sure I feel fine later. It allows me to continue doing my activities.


No more sinus meds!

It's a win! I try to minimize medications at all times. Love that I don't have to put anything else inside my body. It's great!


Totally amazed!

It worked really well right away. I felt rejuvenated. ClearUP is an investment in my health.

Patricia B.

ClearUp Tivic

I have been using my unit for a couple of weeks now and have stopped taking medication for my sinuses. It has helped open up my sinus passages and with the pressure in my sinuses. I am very pleased with this!


Bought for a friend

Bought for a friend that has massive sinus issues she loves it has not used nasal spray or other meds since started using


Definitely felt the difference

Definitely felt the difference about 5-10mins after using. I have severe allergies and nasal polyps so big I can barely taste or smell. This device allowed me to taste and smell again (at least for a few hours after using) and breathe better through my nasal. May not work for everyone but I’m in the 80% plus people it worked for.


One nice device

This is one nice device. I don't get sinus headaches but I have had continuous sinus congestion and this has cleared it up.


Every time!

Clears up my congestion every time! Love it!

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Advanced gentle microcurrent stimulation glides pain away without medication.


Quick and Easy to Use:

  • Glide the tip over your cheek, nose, and under the eyebrow
  • Gentle waveform finds sinus nerve fibers under the skin to shrink swollen tissue and reduce pain
  • Vibrations guide user to treatment points
  • 5-minute treatments last 6 hours
  • Recommended use: at least 2 times/day for 2 weeks


Who is ClearUP for?

ClearUP is for adults 18+ years old. ClearUP Sinus Pain Relief is to be used for the temporary relief of sinus pain associated with Allergic Rhinitis. However, it should not be used if you have an implanted metallic device, pacemaker, are pregnant or have any abnormal neurological symptoms.
(It should not be used to treat polyps, infections, or inflamed turbinates. Individual results will vary according to one’s symptoms, severity and history.)

What does using ClearUP feel like?

Using your ClearUP feels like a slight tapping, tingling or pricking sensation.
Many users only feel the soothing light vibration.
“Comfortable” “Microbursts feel good” “Subtle but effective”

How often should I use ClearUP?

For maximum effectiveness, use at least 2 times/day for 2-4 weeks. Otherwise, use as needed. Each treatment is only 5 minutes long.
Pain relief will occur 5-10 minutes after treatment and lasts up to 6 hours.
Many use it once in the morning and once at night before bed.

How long does a ClearUP treatment last?

Research revealed that a single 5-minute treatment lasts up to 6 hours. Users report reduction in both severity and frequency of symptom occurrence with regular use.

Is ClearUP covered by my insurance, HSA, or FSA?

ClearUP is FSA and HSA eligible. It is not covered by insurance at this time.

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