Meet ClearUP® Sinus Pain Relief

A new way to manage your allergies better!

Advanced MICROCURRENT stimulation glides pain away

  • 100% DRUG-FREE, no chemical side effects
  • Easy-to-use device – 1 button, 3 levels
  • FDA cleared, clinically proven
  • 82% prefer it, 77% recommend it

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee
FSA Eligible

Quick and Easy to Use

  • Use on cheek, nose and brow bone
  • Vibrations guide user to treatment points
  • 5-min treatments last 6 hours
  • Recommended use: at least 2 times/day for 2 weeks

How to Use

Video showing your how to use ClearUP®

Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide

It Simply Works!



Two clinical studies show the majority of sinus sufferers had significant improvement in sinus pain.

See the ClearUP Difference

ClearUP™ Sinus Pain ReliefNose Sprays (RX & OTC)Nasal FlushesPills (RX & OTC)
Not Addicting
Portable, fits in purse/bag
Customized delivery
No chemicals
Treatment Time5 minutesFew secondsFew minutesFew seconds
Usage/dayAs needed, up to 4 times/day2 times/dayVarious times/dayVarious times/day
Duration12-24 hours12 hoursUnknownVarious

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