Meet ClearUP® Sinus Pain Relief

Catch the new WAVE for treating sinus pain.

GAIN control over allergic rhinitis sinus pain.

No Pills. No nose sprays. No nasal flushes. Just proprietary microcurrent waveforms that help you reduce allergy-related sinus pain. This small, handheld device delivers treatment that’s clinically-proven and FDA cleared where 3 out of 4 experienced relief.

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Why ClearUP® Sinus Pain Relief?

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  • FDA cleared and clinically-proven
  • Natural, no chemicals or chemical side effects
  • Reusable, rechargeable for home, work, and travel
Easy to use ClearUP™ device for sinus pain relief.

Quick and Easy to Use

  • Quick 5 minute treatments
  • Use on cheek, nose and under brow bone

How to Use It

Simple features in a comfortable design

  • Easy 1-button control
  • 3 Intensity Levels for customization
  • Proprietary gentle microcurrent waveform
  • Light and vibration system guides user to treatment points
  • Ergonomic design fits in your hand and around contours of your face
ClearUP™ Sinus Pain ReliefNose Sprays (RX & OTC)Nasal FlushesPills (RX & OTC)
Not Addicting
Portable, fits in purse/bag
Customized delivery
No chemicals
Treatment Time5 minutesFew secondsFew minutesFew seconds
Usage/dayUp to 4 times/day2 times/dayVarious times/dayVarious times/day
DurationUp to 6 hrs12 hoursUnknownVarious

What people are saying

"I think that Clear Up seems to help my sinuses drain and stay less congested during allergy attacks although I did still have some sinus pain it was minimal and easily remedied by using Clear Up. I use mine as I feel the need and it along with acupressure and massage has kept me relatively comfortable so far this Fall allergy season. I still need antihistamines but have avoided decongestants which is a BIG plus!!"

Joanne L.,

"I get results about 90% of the time, the activity being subtle. The device works well in conjunction with my other treatments, and I’ve recommended it to friends and relatives who have sinus issues like mine."

Curtis F.,

"So impressed! I find that if I treat my daily sinus eye aches early with ClearUP™, the pain is gone almost immediately. A true godsend."

Luanne C.,

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