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Clinically Proven,
Drug-free Sinus Relief

There’s a better way to treat sinonasal inflammation symptoms of sinus pain, pressure, congestion, and sinus headache.

Tivic ClearUP

Clinically Proven. FDA Approved.

ClearUP is a small, non-invasive bioelectronic handheld device. ClearUP provides drug-free treatment through precise, targeted relief that the patient controls and works with their body’s natural pathways to reduce symptoms of sinus and nasal inflammation.

  • 100% drug-free, chemical-free, non-addictive

  • Starts working instantly and lasts up to 6 hours

  • Halal compliant

  • Over the counter, no prescription required

  • Portable design to use anytime and anywhere

  • Does not cause drowsiness

  • 60-day risk-free trial

  • Reusable and rechargeable


How ClearUP works to treat sinus pain, pressure, sinus headaches, and congestion.

Although ClearUP’s microcurrent technology should be self-administered by patients, physicians can provide an introduction to how the device is used and offer guidance in a clinical setting.

When a user glides ClearUP along the cheek, nose, and brow bone, ClearUP emits gentle microcurrent stimulation.

This process stimulates the nerves that pass through the sinus passages. Vibration guides users to the optimal treatment points to relieve sinus pain, pressure, and congestion.

ClearUP takes about 5 minutes total to administer (2.5 minutes on each side of the face). Recommended treatment is at least twice per day for two weeks.

Why Consider ClearUP?

Tivic ClearUP is a non-addictive, non-drowsy alternative to pharmaceuticals to alleviate symptoms of inflammatory sinus conditions. For patients experiencing medication side effects or restrictions, consider recommending this device as a novel treatment option.  It can also be used as a part of a regimen.  Unlike messy sprays and flushes, it can be used anywhere, anytime, and as often as the patient needs.

What Physicians Say

Man using ClearUP

#1 Doctor Recommended Bioelectronic Sinus Device

  • It’s very exciting to have this whole new form of treatment using extremely safe neuromodulation as a way to address the needs of the patient.

    Dr. Alan Goldsobel
    Dr. Alan Goldsobel Clinical Professor, University of California San Francisco, Allergy & Asthma Associates of Northern California
  • I'm very excited to use this device for my patients. ClearUP statistically, significantly reduced sinus pain in many patients with allergic rhinitis.

    Dr. Subinoy Das
    Dr. Subinoy Das CEO of US Institute for Advanced Sinus Care and Research
  • A major benefit of ClearUP is that it is a non-pharmacologic remedy and directly targets the problem area. Because it is non-pharmacologic, there are less side effects on the bowel, bladder, and hormonal system.

    Dr. Mitesh Popet
    Dr. Mitesh Popet Family Physician, CEO of Venice Family Clinic

What Patients Say

Actual Relief

I have been using my ClearUP for about ten days and notice a big difference immediately after using it if I am experiencing sinus pain or congestion. It also helps instantly clear up sinus headaches for me, too! Seriously, it’s a little miracle tool, a must-have for anyone who suffers from allergies constantly.”

Sara M.
Verified Buyer

Amazing Product

I’ve been nasally congested for about a year now, and for a week I couldn’t breathe through my nose while sleeping. That’s when I chose to buy this device, and right after my first time using it, I experienced relief. I’m now able to breathe through my nose again and I’ve also regained my sense of smell. So grateful!

Luca S.
Verified Buyer

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