About Bioelectronics

Bioelectronic medicine is the convergence of biology and electrical engineering. The human body is an electrochemical system. Bioelectronic devices work by modulating the electrical activity in peripheral and central nerves in order to mitigate both symptoms and underlying causes of disease.

Neuromodulation is another term commonly used to describe technologies that modulate nerve activity in the central nervous system or the peripheral nervous system using electrical current, magnetism, or other stimuli.

Neuromodulation is a $6.2 Billion global market. Devices in this market include the pacemaker for cardiac arrhythmia, deep brain stimulator for Parkinsonian tremor, spinal cord stimulator for chronic pain, and transcranial magnetic stimulation for drug-resistant major depressive disorder. Both implantable and non-invasive devices are being developed for a number of new applications including the treatment of a migraine, rheumatoid arthritis, and Crohn’s disease.

Tivic Health Systems is a bioelectronic company that designs innovative medical devices that harness the science of neuromodulation for home use. Specifically, Tivic Health has developed ClearUP™ Sinus Pain Relief, a ground-breaking handheld device that delivers Microcurrent neuromodulation (low-current TENS) to areas surrounding the sinus passages. ClearUP™ relieves pain by detecting areas of low impedance in the skin around the cheek, nose, and brow bone and by stimulating the underlying nerves. It was designed exclusively for the millions of sinus sufferers from allergic rhinitis.

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