Recent Milestones

Tivic Health’s ClearUP Device Provides Drug-Free Spring Allergy Relief From Sinus Pain and Congestion With Microcurrent Waveforms

April 2021

FDA Expands Indication for Use of Tivic Health’s ClearUP Sinus Pain Relief to Include Congestion for Common Cold, Flu and Allergies

March 2021

Michael B. Foggs, M.D., Joins Tivic Health’s Medical Advisory Board

November 2020

Four Patents Issued for ClearUP Sinus Pain Relief

September 2020

ClearUP available in Sharper Image

May 2020

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ClearUP on WTTE-TV Columbus OH

April 6, 2021

ClearUP is Featured on Good Day Marketplace (WTTE-TV Columbus OH) source:  WTTE-TV (Columbus OH) ClearUP is featured among the hottest health tech products by tech expert Andrea Smith.



With spring allergies, getting through the day can be challenging and can impact quality of life. Coping with symptoms ranging from sneezing and watery eyes to sinus pain and congestion, ...Read More

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