Our Vision

We believe in empowerment.

Tivic Health focuses on empowering those with chronic conditions. Our first product delivers sinus pain relief to the 40-60 million Americans with allergic rhinitis (allergies to airborne allergens). This includes those suffering from seasonal allergies (dust, pollen, mold) and year-round allergies (pet dander, cleaning products, perfumes) to name a few. Our goal is to deliver home-use devices that help you stay in control of diseases and conditions without chemicals or side effects.


We believe in harnessing core systems.

We are part of the high-growth $6.2B global neuromodulation industry. We are dedicated to harnessing the body’s core bioelectric system to create therapeutic benefits.


We believe in getting your FLOW back.

Flow is the electric currents running through us, energizing us to live freer and better lives. Flow doesn’t allow us to be cornered by pain or feel helpless against it.


Stop the cycle. Release the pain. Let’s get your flow back.

How to Use It

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