Tivic ClearUP Expands Target Market Offering to Include Individuals Who Are Sleep Deprived, Medication Restricted, and Athletes

June 2023

SAN FRANCISCO –  June 15, 2023 Tivic Health® Systems, Inc. (“Tivic”, Nasdaq: TIVC), a health tech company that develops and commercializes bioelectronic medicine, announced today that the company is expanding its target market for ClearUP to the vast population of consumers with allergy and congestion-related issues who are deprived of sleep, exercise, and concentration.

A recent Tivic study with over 2,000 representative consumers conducted by Intellego Insights highlights patterns of the large unmet market.  The results of the study involved consumers over the age of 18 experiencing inflammation-related symptoms related to allergies, congestion, head pain, and sinus issues.  Of the consumers that participated in the study:

  • 94% of these consumers use medication to treat their symptoms. However, 58% of these try to avoid medication, if at all possible.
  • 91% of these consumers have sleep issues, such as trouble sleeping and waking up often, snoring, and obstructive sleep apnea.
  • 69% of these consumers experience exercise-related nasal issues, such as post-nasal drip after exercise or running, and are unable to breathe comfortably through their nose during exercise or exertion.

Congestion can have a significant impact on sleep quality and exercise.  When a person is congested, the nasal passages and airways become narrowed, making it hard to breathe. When a person’s breathing is compromised due to congestion, the body may also have to work harder to get enough oxygen, which can cause the person to feel tired, groggy, and have lower concentration.

Many consumers try to avoid medication due to cost, side effects, and interaction with other medications.  Labels of leading medications to treat inflammation-related symptoms include potential side effects of insomnia, heart palpitations, restlessness, headache, and dizziness.  Some professions, such as first responders and medical professionals, also have restrictions on their use of medication that can cause drowsiness.

  • 60% of consumers in the Tivic study were concerned about the ongoing cost of medication. 37% of these consumers indicated they cannot tolerate the side effects of medication.
  • 18% took medication (such as high blood pressure medication) that limits what other medication they can take for treating other symptoms. 12% of these consumers indicated medication dependence.

“Many of my patients don’t want to take medication due to ongoing cost and side effects of continued medication use, including nose bleeds,” says Dr. Adam Spiess, a board-certified ENT. “I recommend they try the FDA-approved Tivic ClearUP, and I have seen approximately an 80% success rate.  My patients tell me they are grateful that I am using cutting-edge technology to best meet their needs.”

Tivic’s data from two previously conducted clinical trials demonstrated the benefits of ClearUP including significant improvements in sleep health, breathing during sleep, nose breathing, and concentration for allergy and congestion sufferers. The analysis also indicated an improvement in productivity and concentration and a reduction in difficulty falling asleep, waking up at night, fatigue, and irritability.

About Tivic

Tivic is a commercial health tech company advancing the field of bioelectronic medicine. Tivic’s patented technology platform leverages stimulation on the trigeminal, sympathetic, and vagus nerve structures. Tivic’s non-invasive and targeted approach to the treatment of inflammatory chronic health conditions gives consumers and providers drug-free therapeutic solutions with high safety profiles, low risk, and broad applications. Tivic’s first commercial product ClearUP is an FDA approved, award-winning, handheld bioelectronic sinus device. ClearUP is clinically proven, doctor-recommended, and is available through online retailers and commercial distributors.  For more information visit http://tivichealth.com @TivicHealth

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