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Tivic Health’s Indiegogo Campaign for ClearUP Sinus Pain Relief Surpasses Fundraising Goal

July 2019

An Over-the-Counter Device that Treats Sinus Pain from Allergic Rhinitis & Hay Fever

SAN FRANCISCO, July 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Tivic Health's Indiegogo campaign for ClearUP™ Sinus Pain Relief launched last week and reached 100 percent of its fundraising goal in 24 hours and attracted 360 buyers. ClearUP is a small hand-held device that uses non-invasive microcurrent waveforms to provide sinus pain relief to the 40+ million Americans suffering from allergic rhinitis, both year-round and seasonal allergies. Manufacturing for ClearUP is already underway and it will be available for-over-the-counter purchase in mid-September on Amazon and for $149.

ClearUP is a chemical-free treatment that is easy to use and provides quick, convenient relief from sinus pain caused by allergic rhinitis, allergies from dust, mold, pollens, pet dander and more. Unlike pills, flushes or nasal sprays, ClearUP is completely non-invasive, can be used up to four times per day and lasts up to six hours per treatment. Simply glide ClearUP over the sinus area along your cheek, nose and under the brow bone. Study results showed that three out of four experienced a reduction in sinus pain after one five-minute treatment. It's reusable and rechargeable and comes with a pouch for use at home, work or while traveling. ClearUP is clinically proven to be safe and effective and was cleared by the FDA in January 2019.

"Recent research shows promise for the use of microcurrents to provide anti-inflammatory therapy for patients suffering from allergic rhinitis, chronic sinusitis, and asthma. ClearUP is a good alternative to drug therapy and other forms of inflammatory therapy used to treat allergic rhinitis," said Subinoy Das, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Tivic Health. "Over-the-counter or prescription pills, sprays and sinus flushes as well as surgeries do not always address one's sinus pain."

ClearUP is intended for adults only, 18+ years of age. Do not use if you are pregnant, have a pacemaker or an implanted metallic device. A small percentage of users experience brief, mild skin irritation.

ClearUP has received two awards at CES 2019: Gear Diary's Best of CES and Techlicious' Top Picks of CES. In 2018, Tivic Health received the Neurotech Forum's Most Promising Start-up.

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