Before the official product launch, here’s what sinus sufferers and healthcare professionals are saying

"It’s very exciting to have this whole new form of treatment using extremely safe neuromodulation as a way to address the needs of the patient."

Dr. Alan Goldsobel, Allergist,

“What I like about ClearUP is that it's non-invasive and drug-free.  I'm sure that my patients will like it too.”

Dr. Jacquelynne Corey, ENT.,
Physician at the Chicago Nasal and Sinus Center, Retired Professor at The University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine

“Within weeks, the ClearUP device alleviated my chronic congestion and inflammation by 90%. I didn’t have to wear a dust mask while sanding wood or doing dusty chores any longer.”


“I love [ClearUp]. I can use it almost anywhere since I carry it in my bag. And now I can also use fewer meds.”

Julie P.,

“I don’t like to take medicine of any kind. I’ve never seen a device for this problem. It’s a ‘No Brainer’ to go and buy something to help my sinus symptoms.”


"Relief of sinus pain continues to be a challenge for doctors managing symptomatic patients. ClearUP offers an attractive non-invasive, non-drug option for patients who have facial pain despite treatment with medications or surgery."

Dr. Peter Hwang, Professor and Director of the Stanford Sinus Center.,
Dept of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, Stanford University School of Medicine

"I have witnessed the Tivic Health product dramatically relieve sinus pain relief. This is a game-changer."

Dr. Subinoy Das, ENT,
Ohio, USA

"Love this device. Within 15 minutes of using notice significant improvement. Use multiple times a day when feeling congested. Highly recommend."

Nick K.,

"We have received the device and find that it works very well."

Eldon E.,

"The ClearUP device has worked as indicated and more. Under two minutes of treatment three times per day in the morning, in the evening, and before bed reduces pressure and opens my sinuses. The effect usually lasts several hours. When suffering from a head cold, I increased the frequency of treatment as needed. I use the device in combination with 1X per day saline rinse."

Chris W.,

"My wife is thrilled w/ this purchase. She has said this product has worked tremendously well for her sinus issues. She has felt a huge difference from before using the product regularly to after regular use. She has recommended this product to all her friends w/ sinus issues."

Nicholas F.,

"Excellent product, gave it to a family member who had chronic issues and she claims that she hasn’t felt this good in a while."

Harsha P.,

"Love the ClearUP™ device. It works really well for me when I have sinus issues. I use a CPAP machine and have problems when congested keeping my mask on. Now after using ClearUP™ I can use my CPAP with no issues. Wonderful product."

Pete E.,

"Fantastic Device, really does the job with my congestion. Highly recommend."

Paul S.,

"So impressed! I find that if I treat my daily sinus eye aches early with ClearUP™, the pain is gone almost immediately. A true godsend."

Luanne C.,

"I get results about 90% of the time, the activity being subtle. The device works well in conjunction with my other treatments, and I’ve recommended it to friends and relatives who have sinus issues like mine."

Curtis F.,

"I think that Clear Up seems to help my sinuses drain and stay less congested during allergy attacks although I did still have some sinus pain it was minimal and easily remedied by using Clear Up. I use mine as I feel the need and it along with acupressure and massage has kept me relatively comfortable so far this Fall allergy season. I still need antihistamines but have avoided decongestants which is a BIG plus!!"

Joanne L.,

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