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Spring is Around the Corner and so are Allergies

April 2019

It’s March and while it may be cold and snowing in parts of the US - it’s the start of allergy season in other regions. According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology between 40-60 million Americans have some form of allergic rhinitis - allergies.  Allergy season has already started along the west coast and in the south. In a few weeks those in the rest of the country will begin to feel the affects of pollen along with environmental allergies such as dust, mold and pet dander.

We’ve asked some top-notch allergists and ENT physicians from around the country, who see patients suffering from seasonal allergies and other related sinus conditions, to share their knowledge about this spring's allergy season.

You’ll be hearing from Subinoy Das, MD and CEO, US Institute for Advanced Sinus Care and Research in Ohio, Alan Goldsobel, MD at, Allergy and Asthma Associates of Northern California and adjunct professor at Stanford University Medical Center and others.

Here’s to a healthy spring!

Jennifer Ernst,
CEO, Tivic Health Systems Inc. ...Read More

Dr. Su Das from our Medical Advisory Board explaining how it works at CES Eureka Park booth.
CES 2019 Highlights

February 2019

Tivic Health participated in our first CES and what a week it was! We introduced our first product, ClearUP Sinus Pain Relief, and received a lot of interest and warm welcome from consumers, health care professionals and journalists.

We are proud to report that ClearUP won two awards from leading industry news outlets: Gear Diary’s Best of CES and Techlicious’ Top Picks of CES.

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January 2019

CES is fast approaching and we’re looking forward to meeting with thousands of technology and medical professionals looking for the latest healthcare offerings.

For the first time, Tivic Health will be demonstrating the newly FDA cleared product ClearUP Sinus Pain Relief to the public at Sands Expo, Eureka Park, Health Section, Booth #53355.

ClearUP is a groundbreaking product for sinus pain for allergic rhinitis sufferers that was successfully tested with consumers in a double-blinded. Randomized Control Trial at a top-tier US science research center. The results were presented this fall at the American Rhinologic Society’s (ARS) Annual Meeting in Atlanta. The study included patients with Allergic rhinitis, Chronic Rhinosinusitis and other sinus pain causes. Overall results were:

  • 3 out of 4 who used ClearUP experienced a reduction in sinus pain
  • Patients treated with Tivic Health’s microcurrent ClearUP device experienced an average pain reduction of 30 percent
  • 82 percent preferred ClearUP Sinus Pain Relief device to their current sinus treatment(s).

In May 2018, recent third-party market research with 600 sinus sufferers has also revealed that sinus sufferers tend to use pills (75%) and prescription nose sprays (60%). However, 91% of them are concerned about taking too much medicine and 66% concerned about side effects.  ClearUP is an ideal option because it is drug-free, has no known side effects and is reusable for anytime, anywhere treatments.

Tivic Health is part of the emerging Bioelectronics industry. In fact, this fall the World Economic Forum named bioelectronics or “electroceuticals” as one of the top 10 disruptive technologies poised to change medical treatment.

We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas! ...Read More

Tivic team heads to CES 2019!

December 2018

Tivic Health staff is excited to be exhibiting and demonstrating the ClearUP Sinus Pain Relief device at the largest electronics show in the world, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Jan 8-11, 2019. ClearUP™ Sinus Pain Relief is the first bioelectronic treatment that relieves sinus pain for the 40-60 million allergic rhinitis sinus sufferers in the US. This includes any adult with seasonal allergies like dust, mold, and pollen or year-round allergies like mold, cleaning products or pet dander.

The Tivic Health team will be - Jennifer Ernst, CEO; Maureen Perou, VP, Marketing; Blake Gurfein, PhD, VP, Research and Scientific Affairs; and Chandra Durisety, VP, Manufacturing. Dr. Subinoy Das, a member of the Tivic Health Medical Advisory Board and CEO of US Institute Advanced Sinus Care and Research, will join us in Eureka Park.

ClearUP harnesses the power of bioelectronic technology into a simple, non-invasive, home device for use by consumers suffering from allergy-related sinus pain. ClearUp features a one-button control and three intensity levels for quick five-minute treatments. It’s portable for use at home, work or travel and rechargeable.

We hope to see you at CES, January 8-11, booth 53355 at the Sands Expo, Eureka Park, Health Section. If you are a journalist please stop by and see us at CES Unveiled on January 6 (invite only). ...Read More

Dr. Howard Levine talks “SINUS PAIN”

September 2018

By Howard Wolinsky, a healthcare blogger

Howard L. Levine, MD, an expert in nasal and sinus disorders, at the Cleveland Nasal Sinus and Sleep Center examines patients daily who often are complaining of “sinus pain.” But just because his patients think that’s the problem, it may not be the case at all. “Patients relate most things that occur in and around the face to the sinuses because people are aware of the sinuses being in the face,” observes Levine, an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) specialist and past president of the American Rhinologic Society (ARS).

The sinuses are cavities in the bones of the face or skull connecting with nasal cavity. They produce a mucus layer that protects the nose from pollutants, micro-organisms, dust and dirt. About 15% of Americans see doctors for sinus issues, according to the American Rhinologic Society. And many others simply live with the discomfort.

In evaluating his sinus patients, Levine asks them to describe the nature of the discomfort, its severity and its location. “Individuals who have sinus problems typically describe their discomfort as pressure and congestion. Migraine sufferers, or those with cluster headaches, will say their pain is very severe and more than just pressure,” Levine says. Levine typically does not use the word “pain” unless the sinus patient specifically mentions experiencing pain. “I want them to use pain if in fact there is pain. I look for them to use the words that are more descriptive and can help differentiate the cause. I look for them to use words like pounding or steady or vise-like,” he said.

He then asks the patients to describe the severity of the discomfort on the typical 10-point pain scale. As in real estate, location, location, location is key. Location is important in diagnosing nasal problems and other kinds of head discomfort. Levine asks patients to point to the site of their discomfort or perceived sinus pain. He says some point to their noses, cheeks or brow bones while some point to their temples or the back of their heads--places where there are no sinuses.

He says once he has a history, he may use a nasal endoscope or a computed tomographic (CT) scan to examine the nose to look for physical deformities such as a deviated septum, a blockage in the nasal passage, sinus or nasal polyps that may be the source of pain and can be corrected surgically. Also, swelling of structures in the nose known as turbinates, shelf-shaped networks of bones and blood vessels, can be responsible for sinus discomfort, says Levine. Turbinates warm, humidify and filter the air. Levine says the turbinates can cause nasal obstructions and discomfort when people have a cold or allergies and when they encounter irritants.

If true sinusitis is confirmed, current treatments include several choices of medications that may include over-the-counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, decongestants in pill or spray form, nasal steroid sprays and antibiotics if a bacterial infection is found. Patients should ask their physicians and pharmacists about potential side effects from the drugs.

Levine says he has had an eye out for years for a non-drug product that can help his patient with sinus pain. “If there are non-invasive or minimally invasive treatments to help my patients and give them comfort, then I am going to inform my patients about them” he says. Levine says a product such as ClearUP Sinus Pain Relief should be safe, effective and have minimal side effects. ...Read More

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