Tivic Health CLearUP

ClearUP® - the ONLY one to CLEAR UP your allergy sinus pain

A game-changing sinus pain treatment

  • Targets the area in pain
  • Gives you sinus pain relief control
  • 100% DRUG-FREE
  • Quick 5-minute treatments lasting 6 hours
  • Frees you to feel better, be your best
An advanced MICROCURRENT handheld device.

Why take more sinus relief medicines?

It’s not another nasal spray, allergy pill or nasal flush.

It’s an advanced MICROCURRENT handheld device (reusable, rechargeable).

It simply works!

See What an Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist and Allergist Have to Say

Dr. Subinoy Das (ENT) and Dr. Alan Goldsobel (Allergist) discuss the clinical results and how ClearUP can help patients.

See the ClearUP Difference

ClearUP™ Sinus Pain ReliefNose Sprays (RX & OTC)Nasal FlushesPills (RX & OTC)
Not Addicting
Portable, fits in purse/bag
Customized delivery
No chemicals
Treatment Time5 minutesFew secondsFew minutesFew seconds
Usage/dayAs needed, up to 4 times/day2 times/dayVarious times/dayVarious times/day
DurationUp to 6 hours12 hoursUnknownVarious

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