Helpful Product Tips

Your satisfaction is important to us. In response to customer feedback, here are some useful tips for using ClearUP.

Getting Started – Charging Your Unit

ClearUp is Easy to Charge.

Place metal tip into the charging port. If the light flashes, it is charging.

Charging Tips

If the light does not flash, push the charger cover down as shown below and try to charge again.


If you experience difficulty fitting the charger to the unit.

1) Ensure that the rectangular rubber charger cover that sits right below the metal portion is situation correctly (see illustration). It should be pushed down, leaving as much of the charging metal exposed as possible. Then insert the metal portion of the charger firmly into the USB-C port until the battery light begins to flash.

2) If the charger still does not charge the unit, you can remove the rubber cover entirely (pull gently but firmly and slide it off the end). Plug the metal portion into the unit. You should feel it click or snap firmly into place. Because the rubber cover has been removed, the black rectangle will not longer sit flush with the bottom of the unit. This is OK, and the unit is still charging as long as the orange battery light on the device is flashing.

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