The best health gadgets of CES 2020 combat dyslexia, sleep apnea, and more

The best health gadgets of CES 2020 combat dyslexia, sleep apnea, and more

source: Digital Trends

There are a lot of wild claims and gadgets of dubious usefulness flying around Las Vegas right now, but CES 2020 is also home to some seriously innovative health and wellness technology that’s aiming to change our world for the better. The best health gadgets help people cope with difficult conditions, alleviate pain, and smooth off some of the hard edges of daily life. These are the ones that have caught our eye so far this year.

Tivic Health ClearUp for sinus pain relief

Sinus pain is common. Sadly, there’s a lot that can go wrong with your nose, and inflammation caused by allergies impacts many lives. Long-term sufferers of sinus pain tend to be headache veterans, and the usual remedies include strong painkillers, steam treatments, and saline sprays, the effectiveness of which is often lacking. Tivic Health has developed a completely noninvasive device that treats your sinus pain by disrupting the pain signals being sent to your brain.

To use Tivic’s ClearUp device, you simply hold it against your cheekbone for a few seconds and then move it a little and wait again, working your way around your eye from your nose up to your eyebrow. The device emits a microcurrent, which you’ll barely feel, and it vibrates to let you know when to move on to the next spot. The science behind electrical stimulation of nerves to reduce the sensory perception of pain is well-established, and the ClearUp offers temporary relief for most people. It costs $150, but you can try it out and return it within 30 days if you decide it’s not helping you.

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