Tivic team heads to CES 2019!

Tivic team heads to CES 2019!

Tivic Health staff is excited to be exhibiting and demonstrating the ClearUP Sinus Pain Relief device at the largest electronics show in the world, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Jan 8-11, 2019. ClearUP™ Sinus Pain Relief is the first bioelectronic treatment that relieves sinus pain for the 40-60 million allergic rhinitis sinus sufferers in the US. This includes any adult with seasonal allergies like dust, mold, and pollen or year-round allergies like mold, cleaning products or pet dander.

The Tivic Health team will be – Jennifer Ernst, CEO; Maureen Perou, VP, Marketing; Blake Gurfein, PhD, VP, Research and Scientific Affairs; and Chandra Durisety, VP, Manufacturing. Dr. Subinoy Das, a member of the Tivic Health Medical Advisory Board and CEO of US Institute Advanced Sinus Care and Research, will join us in Eureka Park.

ClearUP harnesses the power of bioelectronic technology into a simple, non-invasive, home device for use by consumers suffering from allergy-related sinus pain. ClearUp features a one-button control and three intensity levels for quick five-minute treatments. It’s portable for use at home, work or travel and rechargeable.

We hope to see you at CES, January 8-11, booth 53355 at the Sands Expo, Eureka Park, Health Section. If you are a journalist please stop by and see us at CES Unveiled on January 6 (invite only).