Two Awards for Tivic Health and Upcoming Competition

Two Awards for Tivic Health and Upcoming Competition

It’s been a busy, exciting month for the Tivic Health team! Tivic Health received two awards and was also named finalist in another event.


CES 2020 Innovation Honoree  

This prestigious award will be presented at the CES (Consumer Electronic Show) event in Las Vegas this January.  Tivic Health is honored to be among some of the top tech innovators across multiple categories and looks forward to showcasing the ClearUP® Sinus Pain Relief device.


2nd place in HealthTECH Startup Competition 2019 in Chicago

Tivic Health was honored with 2nd place at the seventh annual HealthTECH Startup Competition, given by Insight Product Development. Tivic Health’s ClearUP® Sinus Pain Relief device was among ten early-stage digital health and medical device companies who were featured at the HealthTECH Startup Competition event. CEO, Jennifer Ernst presented a live pitch at the event held in Chicago on November 14, 2019. “It was gratifying to see such meaningful medical device innovations in the competition. Thank you to our new Midwest friends Seng Weiland and Steve McPhilliamy in Chicago,” said Jennifer Ernst.

Other finalists included PhotoniCare, Inc. (1st place), CareBand, InterShunt Technologies, Inc., Noleus Technologies, gaia Wearables, TheraB Medical Inc., Rockfield Medical, cliexa, and Rhaeos.


Finalist in MedTech Strategist Innovation Summit Conference 2019 in San Francisco

We are also heading to San Francisco to present at the MedTech Strategist Innovation Summit Conference on November 18-19.

Jennifer Ernst, CEO, will give a presentation on the successful launch of ClearUP Sinus Pain Relief, the future of the company Tivic Health and the importance of the emerging new trend of bioelectronics.

“Innovative advances in neuromodulation devices, including sensing, novel waveforms, and personalization are enhancing efficacy and accelerating the integration of neuromodulation therapies in medicine. Our team is dedicated to providing readily accessible, at-home solutions to treat chronic diseases and conditions,” said Ernst.


Tivic ClearUP® 2.0