Wildfire Smoke and Your Allergies – What to Know

Wildfire Smoke and Your Allergies – What to Know

As wildfires continue to burn across the Western U.S., air quality levels in the region have reached very unhealthy levels.

Those who already suffer from allergies often have chronically inflamed airways, which makes them very sensitive to smoke, thus worsening their symptoms.

According to Dr. Alan Goldsobel, allergy specialist at the Allergy and Asthma Associates of Northern California, “People with allergic rhinitis and environmental allergies can have much worse upper respiratory tract symptoms involving the eyes, nose, and sinuses. Symptoms can include burning, itching, congestion, sinus pain and pressure.”

And according to WebMD, research has shown that air pollution can increase the risk of infection with COVID-19.

What precautions can allergy sufferers take to protect their immune systems, and particularly with COVID-19 still upon us? A few tips:

Wildfire Smoke and Your Allergies - What to Know
Worsening allergy symptoms can be painful, so if you are seeking sinus pain relief, you may want to consider alternative treatment methods using gentle microcurrent technology.

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If your symptoms persist, see your healthcare provider immediately.

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